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Sixth generation

Brigitte, Frédéric and Philippe Jeanjean

Brigitte and her sister Elisabeth, her cousins Frédéric and Philippe, now represent the 6th generation. All of them have held various positions within the family business, and have made the family name resound in the region, in France and abroad, while preserving the immense emotional and economic heritage passed on by their parents.

Fifth generation

Hugues and Bernard Jeanjean

1965 – 2010

The brothers Hughes and Bernard Jeanjean marked this period by developing the family business from its stronghold in St Félix de Lodez, with unprecedented charisma, involving every employee in the growth of the company in France as well as abroad, and associating with a large number of players in the Languedoc wine industry.

Fourth Generation

Paul Jeanjean


Paul Jeanjean joined the company in 1925, helping his father with the commercial development of the company, especially in the Paris area. In 1936, the collection of Vignobles Jeanjean began with the purchase of two sheepfolds on the Aumelas plateau, Mas de Lunès and Château Valoussière (Devois des Agneaux), which were gradually transformed into a winery and vineyard.

Third Generation

Maurice-François Jeanjean


Maurice-François Jeanjean developed the company at the same pace as the development of the means of communication in France, and in particular, the development of the railroads. This opened new markets for his wines. It was a complicated period, marked by wars, the great revolts of 1907, the crisis of overproduction and phylloxera. Maurice-François gives the company the means to overcome these trials, and makes the quality of his products his main motto.

Second generation

Maurice-Vincent Jeanjean


Maurice-Vincent Jeanjean, nicknamed the “barriquailleur”, makes trading between the Hérault and the Massif Central his specialty. He is “multi-activity”, running an inn in St Felix de Lodez, where many of his clients from the Massif Central stop, and trading in wines, from his vineyards in St Felix and the surrounding area, or by buying from neighboring winegrowers. It was he who officially registered the first statutes of the company in 1872.

First generation

Etienne-Maurice Jeanjean, “Le Père la Minute”

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1820 – 1885

Etienne-Maurice Jeanjean associated the family name Jeanjean with trade from St Felix de Lodez. As a farmer, he owned vineyards and fields, and as a trader, he traded wine, olive oil and almonds. He was a man in a hurry, who had a keen sense of commerce, and who was nicknamed “Le père la minute”.