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Père La Minute

Père La Minute- AOP

« 10 years of work in the vineyard and cellar for a majestic result. »

Terroir & vineyards

Rigorous selection of the best vines on the estate’s sandstone schist slopes. The structure and composition of the soils place a natural limit on yields, giving the wine a rare concentration and elegance. Warm, dry Mediterranean climate, tempered by altitude. Le Père la Minute is a homage to great men of the past and to the passage of time. Etienne Maurice Jeanjean, a busy man nicknamed “Le Père la Minute” because he was always in a hurry, wrote the first chapter of the Jeanjean family’s winemaking story back in 1870. This wine is the fruit of painstaking identification of the best plots in the exceptional Faugères region, followed by expert blending and maturing work

Vinification and aging

Green harvesting. The grapes are picked manually and left to cool in crates in a refrigerated lorry. Destemming and sorting before vatting in a 30 hl tapered wooden vat. Cold prefermentation maceration. Considerable extraction in the aqueous phase (start of fermentation): pigeage, rack-and-returns. Malolactic fermentation in new barrels.

Tasting notes

A carmin colour. A complex nose with intense aromas of mild spices and liquorice, complemented by garrigue and blackcurrant notes. Powerful attack on the palate, leading into an elegant balance.

Met & Wine Agreement

Serve at 16-17°C, today or in the next ten years, with braised meat, or game in sauce.


80% Syrah
20% Grenache


AOP Faugères

Potential of Guard

To be enjoyed today or in the next 10 years.

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