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Our Pilars

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The family

It is Maurice-Vincent Jeanjean who deposited the first book of accounts of the company Jeanjean in 1872, pushed by his father, Etienne Maurice, the “father the minute”. Today, Brigitte Jeanjean represents the 5th generation, alongside her cousins Frédéric and Philippe and her sister Elisabeth.

Since 5 generations ...

Maurice-Vincent Jeanjean

1847 - 1912

The commercial activity of Jeanjean really began in 1870 with the opening of the first account book by Maurice-Vincent Jeanjean, nicknamed ``Barriquailleur``.

The conviviality reigned already at the time since the customers came down by train or by diligence and came to spend two or three days at Jeanjean's in Saint Félix de Lodez, by bringing some food, especially cold cuts.

Maurice-François Jeanjean

1879 - 1957

As soon as he reaches the age of majority, he joins his father, Maurice-Vincent Jeanjean.

With the development of means of locomotion, the profession of Maurice-François specializes. He selects wine, collects, treats, unifies, sells and makes shipments to distributors.

Paul Jeanjean

1904 - 1965

It was in 1925 that Paul entered the company to support his father, initiated to the choice of wines; he developed sales mainly to the Paris region and major urban centers.

In 1936, with his father, they acquired the Mas de Lunès and the Devois des Agneaux d'Aumelas; these properties will be the first link in what will become Jeanjean Vineyards. In 1948, he set up two retail shops in Montpellier to supply bottles to the city's cafés and restaurants.

Hugues and Bernard Jeanjean

4ème génération

Hugues took his first steps in the company in 1950 and Bernard in 1959.

In true visionaries the two brothers took many initiatives, such as to set up on sites, terroirs, little known then, and today are the influence of Languedoc: the sands of Camargue, with the Domaine le Pive, the Mas Neuf in Frontignan where they were the first to develop dry muscat, but still in Faugères with the Domaine de Fenouillet.

Brigitte, Elisabeth, Frédéric and Philippe Jeanjean

5ème génération

The 5th generation is very present in the company and involved on and around the village of Saint Felix de Lodez.

Brigitte became the ambassador of the family estates; Frédéric takes care of the CIVL, the union of AOP wines of the region. Philippe takes care of the logistics and Elizabeth's husband, Raymond, takes care of the purchases.

The environment

4 areas are currently grown in organic and our goal is to have our 8 organic properties by 2021. Our environmental approach goes further than organic; on each property, we defend the biodiversity specific to each territory. At Mas de Lunès, olive trees rub shoulders with vineyards and truffle oaks. At Devois des Agneaux or Domaine le Pive, it is the herds of lambs that hibernate near the properties which, every year, come to naturally weed the vineyards.

The bright wines

A signature unique to Vignobles Jeanjean, drawn up over the years by Matthieu Carliez, the technical director of the 8 properties for 15 vintages : the sparkling wines are intense, luminous, aerial wines, all in equilibrium and in freshness.

Our terroirs

The Jeanjean family has always believed in the tremendous potential of Languedoc appellations. Hugues and Bernard were called the “vineyard explorers”. At a time when the Languedoc was not yet shining in the quest for quality, they stood out with their visionary spirit and their great knowledge of the Languedoc terroirs, which guided their acquisitions. It is this same spirit that drives today the 5th generation: acquire sites that claim an exceptional Languedoc.