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Eco Wines At the Jeanjean vineyards, responsible viticulture has emerged as a natural choice to magnify each terroir, with an approach that combines five generations of Languedoc tradition and the spirit of innovation that has always characterized the Jeanjean family.. Signature de Brigitte Jeanjean


Organic certification

Today, 5 of our 8 areas are certified organic, and the remaining 3 have started their conversion, the certification will be effective from the year 2021. By this certification, we have a triple objective: to ensure the health of consumers, to the health of employees who work on property and the protection of the environment.


One of our vineyards, Domaine du Causse d’Arboras, will be certified biodynamic in 2020.

Our approach

In addition to our official certifications, we also have vats without added sulfur and nature. These terms do not have an official logo, here is our approach.

Original yeasts

For 6 years now, we have selected our yeasts to vinify only from yeasts from each property. These original yeasts also consume more sugars than the commercial yeasts we use, and as a result, we achieve lower levels of alcohol at equal grape maturity.

No sulfur added

Step by step, our philosophy tends to reduce our contribution of sulfur in our wines. First, we want to make wines available to all consumers (even if our sulfur levels are low, some people are still sensitive to this input) but most importantly, it is our philosophy to limit all inputs that are not do not come from the property. 3 of our cuvées are today without sulfur, 2 of which we designate nature.

Nature wine

For 3 years now we have been producing a natural cuvee, the Native. Coming from the estate of Causse d’Arboras, this cuvee meets the following criteria: organic wine, grapes harvested by hand, no wine-making inputs (in particular, no added sulfur), fermentation from original yeasts, no filtration before bottling).